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DELIVERY, it's all about the ...CALENDAR

2018+ Artificial Intelligence is entering the mainstream with Quantum computing following, faster than most of us realise...view latest news

2000+ Y2k problems...tens of billions $ spent.

1948 The year the first atomic clock was invented.

1753 Tax day in the UK is established as of 5th of April each year thereafter by Parliament... after protest by bankers paying their taxes on 25 March "Give us back our 11 days" they insisted as it scraps 2 - 14 September in 1752 Taxes are finally paid 11 days later on 5 April which remains tax day in the UK today.

1277 "The Kalendarium is intolerable in terms of logic, horrible as astronomy, and as undesireable as mathematics", the year influencial English monk Roger Bacon is quoted as telling his friend Pope Clement 1V.

532 A declaration by astronomer Dionysius Exiguus confuses the then known world that the year of Christ's birth AD 1 and not AD 0

AD14 Out of jealousy over Caesar's 31 - day July, Augustus renames the month Sextilius after himsef, stealing a day from Febuarius in the process.

45BC 80 days are added to the year creating "The Year of Confusion" by Caesar.

3761BC "The creation of the world" according to the Jewish calendar.

4236BC "Earliest known date"...the Egyptian calendar.

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